Work of the 108th and 109th Ordinary Sessions of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Provided Abroad (CNE).

This joint session was held this Wednesday 07 June 2023, in the conference Hall of the Higher Teachers’ Training College (HTTC) of the University of Yaounde I, under the leadership of the Secretary General, personal representative of the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Chairman of the said Commission.
The following were present at the meeting:
● The representative of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform, and Vice-Chairman of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Provided Abroad (CNE)
● The representative of the Prime Minister’s Office,
● Ladies and Gentlemen representing the partner Ministries, and a large number of guests.
At the opening of the work, Professor Wilfred GABSA, on behalf of the Minister of State, commended the fairness and equity shown by the statutory members and those of the technical secretariat in awarding university equivalences, titles and ranks. To illustrate, he reviewed the work of the 107th Ordinary Session of 07 December 2022, at which there were about 1,000 applications for 995 equivalences granted, compared with 11 cases of rejection for various reasons, namely : failure to authorise establishments, unauthorised off-shore trainings, unapproved online training courses and non degree programmes. The Secretary General called on everyone to demonstrate the usual transparency, clarity and intellectual honesty in processing applications for equivalences. Recalling that the CNE’s 108th and 109th ordinary sessions took place after the 51st National Unity Day, he reiterated his full confidence in the Commission, which he felt could always rise to the challenge of attributing a fair, honest and equivalent value to the applications examined. Before concluding his statement, Prof Wilfred GABSA encouraged the Department for the Coordination of Academic Activities for all the initiatives taken to modernise the management of the massive data inherent in applications for equivalence, which are now digitised.
The statistics for the 108th and 109th sessions recorded 2,881 requests for equivalence for courses provided in Africa and around the world.
Upon examination, 2822 certificates received a favourable opinion, 30 were declared fake and 52 applications were rejected.

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